Relaxing on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Holiday
Looking for fun, relaxation, great bargains, fond memories... a fantastic holiday, top surfing
A Great Gold Coast Holiday

Coolangatta featuring the Sands Hotel and Backpackers Hostel
The Gold Coast has an International Airport just a few hundred metres from the beach. A bus can connect you to the train which will  take you to the Theme Parks and then onto the Brisbane International Airport. Unfortunately the train does not run from one airport to the other. This will be rectified in several years time.

Most restaurants open about 6 pm and close about 8 to 8-30PM.The variety of food and wine is fairly extensive and seafood is always very popular.

The Gold Coast has always been focused on Families and caters for young singles very well.

Surfing Glass at Rainbow Bay
From the Greenmount lookout overlooking Rainbow bay and Snapper Rocks
Coolangatta    Snapper Rocks    Currumbin    Kirra    Surfers Paradise    Miami    Rainbow Bay
Snapper Rocks Rainbow Bay From The Greenmount Lookout From Greenmount Lookout Burleigh Heads, One ot the top cpmpetition and Surfing Spots on the Gold Coast. Usually very good surf. Greenmount Beach Up Front A landmark at Kirra Frog Rock near Duranbar and Snapper Rocks Kites at the Kirra Festival
Cooly Surf Van at Coolangatta
Learn To Surf  Van at Kirra
There are several places to rent Surfboards and have surfing lessons. It's a great place for bodyboarding and body surfing too.
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A Gold Coast Holiday extends all the way from the Surf to the Hinterland and takes in Sports Fishing for big game and Whale watching. You can take joy flights in balloons, helicopters, planes or sea-planes.
The theme parks are all available on one ticket and offer days of adrenalin fun.
Movie cinemas and surf clubs offer entertainment and some of the best food around comes from our award winning restaurants.
You can take in some fabulous shows at Jupiters while having dinner. Seafood is especially good on the Gold Coast.
Public buses run North and South so you can get around very easily especially if you want to go to some of the markets.
See it all on the Gold Coast and don't forget the Jet Boat rides..